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Stella Cox nude with her hand down her knickers touching herself

Stella Cox is much more than your average next-door hottie and one of the hottest UK Babes. She plays the role entirely, but beneath that innocent surface hides a kinky babe filled with lust and desire for all things naughty. Even Stella's mere appearance is enough to make your blood boil. She sports a stunning, womanly body that is slim just enough and has curves to die for. A pair of magnificent, supple, natural breasts fit her like a cherry on top of the sweetest cake, and that is even before you take a glimpse under her panties.

However, much more than just a girl to look at, Stella Cox has a playful personality to match the appearance. She loves to express her creative side and enjoys casually drawing. Her mind, though, often wanders to things that turn her on, and creativity follows closely, which is why she continually ends up drawing hard dicks and big balls. Once her horny side finally suppresses every other thought, Stella's mischievous persona takes over, and, from there on out, she goes wild. An inspiring artist is replaced by a lusting chick who can only think of different ways to play with herself and enjoy adult pleasure. Top UK Pornstar Stella Cox will have your eyes glued to her gentle movements as she starts slowly, teasing with those magnificent tits at first. Soon after, those seductive hands will remove all of her clothes, leaving nothing but her thin, cute panties.

She knows how hot she is while playing with herself, and the fact that others enjoy her show gets her turned on even more. Once she finally reaches her edge and decides she was teasing you long enough, Stella will eventually let go and allow those erotic desires to overcome her, rubbing and toying with her soft, shaven holes into multiple, intense orgasms.

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