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Let’s talk dirty with curvy babe EmilieEnglish over cam2cam

Emilie English wants to be your perfect little fuck doll and she’s always willing to put in the work to make it happen. She’s not going to just sit back and hope that her body is pleasuring you. She’s going to get right on her knees and take you cock deep into her mouth. She loves the feeling of a stiff, veiny cock against her tongue. It’s what she craves all day and night long. Nothing makes her happier than feeling a hot, thick load shoot into her mouth. That’s why she always has a giant smile on her face while she swallows your load.

She’s a 29 year old Manchester girl who has a lot to experience. She wants to feel all of the pleasure that the world has to offer her. It doesn’t matter if it’s coming from a cock in her pussy or a pussy on her face. She stands at 5’ 3” and weighs in at a petite 110 LBS. Her slender body measures in at 34-27-36 and her perfect tits fill out a DD cup. She likes to keep her pussy nice and bald so anyone can get at it whenever they want it.

"I'm that naughty little secret you with you had - I can treat you like we're long lost lovers or like you're my dog, but never as though you're my master. If you don't know what your kink is yet we can explore together and cum harder than ever before."

She loves to roleplay and still has the schoolgirl uniform that she used to wear to class. She loves to touch herself and makes sure she can do it every single night. She also loves to hear dirty talk. If you want to do something nasty to her, she wants to hear all about it. She’ll also be more than happy to play with her own asshole while she tells you exactly how to jerk off to her. She wants to make you cum and she wants to see it shoot all over your chest while she fucks her ass. Register for free to chat with Emilie.

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